Transpersonal  Hypnotherapy

Transpersonal  hypnotherapy means "going beyond the mask". Beyond the mask of the every day personality into a deeper level of the subconscious mind. This is beneficial because the root cause of many problems arises from the emotional body ( the subconscious mind). Over time parts of the self  can become split off , frozen , discarded, alienated, or lost  through trauma.
These parts of the self can be in conflict and show up in day to day living as struggles.
for example:
"I wish to quit smoking and treat my body better, but another part of me wants to smoke anyway."
"I would like to lose weight and look better and feel better but another part of me wants to over eat and seems to not care about the results."
"I've read self-help books but another part of me is stubbornly stuck in an old habit."

The hypnotic trance state accesses the "unconscious mind"or the part of your brain that automatically keeps you alive even when you are unconscious. (hence the name.) This is part of the limbic system where the emotions are found and where ancient human body imprinting resides.
The emotional body is magnetic by nature and certain habit patterns cannot be changed by ignoring them.
The amazing art of hypnotic trance and self hypnosis is the ability to access the unconscious mind and place positive suggestions where these unwanted habits and behaviors can be healed and evolved to be your friend rather than your antagonist. This is the loving path of healing because these "things" are actually parts of yourself that are trying to get your attention for just this healing.

The process of self realization and self integration.

In a hypnotic trance state we can start an integration process and a communication process with all the parts of the self that have been lost.
Finding these lost parts and helping them "live again" and evolve is in itself a healing and transformation.
Once learned, you can continue this healing process on your own throughout your life.