Myths of Hypnosis

1 – "a hypnotist has power over you".
2 - "You can be given a (posthypnotic) suggestion to do something against your moral code"

These misconceptions have been formed from the illusions created by "stage hypnotists". All hypnosis used in this therapy is really self hypnosis. The therapist leads the client into a relaxed state to access a portion of the unconscious. The client is in full control of themselves at all times and will remember everything that they see hear or feel.

3 - "If I remember what happens or am not 'unconscious'  then I am not in a trance".
4 - "If I go into trance, I will not wake up"

Hypnotic trance states can be light or deep it doesn't matter. The client will remember everything and that is the object of healing. The client can bring themselves out of trance at any time but usually the relaxed feeling is enjoyable and the client does not want to disturb it.

5 - "Only certain people can be hypnotized"
6 -"The deeper the trance state the more effective the work"

The success of "going into trance" is largely dependent on trust and interpersonal communications between the therapist and the client.
A light trance for some people is just as effective as a deep trance for others.
Anyone can reach a hypnotic trance state.  The communication with the subconscious and unconscious is effective at any level.